Why You Need An SEO Expert For Your Landscaping Business


Starting a Landscaping can be an exciting time however it can also lead to a great deal of stress if you do not go about it the right way. You spend all your money on researching ways to start your business. You incorporate your company with the state which can cost you upwards of $1000 and you purchase a bunch of equipment then come to find out you don’t know where to look for new leads. You start off asking your friends and family who will give you some opportunities however after that all ends you are stuck with all your costs and no new business. How do you solve this problem? There are many ways you can look for new leads such as going on craigslist or other online home improvement platforms. You can also purchase a list of homeowners and send them direct mail to get an opportunity to take care of their lawn maintenance. You need to test the sales letter copy and keep track of all your mailings and if often becomes a big mess. The most effective way you can get in front of your potential customers is by utilizing SEO on your website and have people who are looking for your services contact you. SEO can work wonders on your website. When done properly, your website becomes more authoritative and trusted in Google’s eyes and so it will rank for your most profitable keywords. If you are living in large city such as Chicago you could rank for “chicago lawn care services” and have people searching that exact term contact you. If you are living in a smaller metropolitan area such as Portland, you could rank for “portland lawn maintenance” and you will get a flood of new business.

SEO is a very complex strategy that should not be implemented by yourself. You have other things to worry about such as running your business. Let the experts handle the technical work that will allow you to rank for your major keywords. If you are in either of these two cities mentioned above, I would google “chicago seo expert” or “portland seo expert” to find the best agency to get you to the top of the search engines.